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Big Names In Mobile Industry Gather In Barcelona To Reveal Plans And Products

Workers walk past a Mobile World Congress banner in Barcelona. The GSMA Mobile World Congress will take place this week. Photograph: Reuters The GSMA Mobile World Congress will take place this week. Photograph: Reuters First published: Mon, Feb 24, 2014, 01:00 The biggest names in the mobile industry are gathering in Spain this week to reveal their plans and products for the upcoming year. The annual conference will see everything from new handsets and accessories to new services unveiled over the four days, giving consumers an idea of what products will come to market this year. Samsung has already kicked off the proceedings by unveiling its successors to the Gear smartwatch, the Gear 2 and the Gear 2 Neo. Based on Samsungs Tizen platform rather than Android, both devices show a slimmed down smartwatch, indicating that http://winandroidapps.com/skype-4-5-for-android-featuring-picture-in-picture-window Samsung has been listening to feedback on its initial foray into the market. The built-in camera remains on the Gear 2, although it has migrated from the strap to the watch itself. The devices will have built-in fitness tracker options and let users make calls and monitor heart rates. Although the watches are built on the open platform that Samsung has been developing with Intel , they will be compatible with more Samsung Android phones than the Galaxy Gear, which was initially limited to the Note 3. The watches, which have a 1.63-inch screen, are set to go on sale from April.

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