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Cutest camera ever? Polaroid's C3 is a micro-sized, colorful cube

It's waterproof, features a super-wide-angle lens, as well as won't break in the wedding you drop it (I did). Devin Coldewey is a contributing writer pertaining to NBC Information Digital. Cutest camera ever? Polaroid's C3 can become a micro-sized, colorful cube - NBC News.com CES 2014 The tiny cube, concerning 1 plus a third inches for each side, is at fact an "action cam," meant to become worn running, swimming, and thus on. It's an exciting idea, although your ones in display had been only prototypes, along with had extremely weak magnets. 3 hours ago
At any press event in the Consumer Electronics Display (CES) within Las Vegas, a crowd gathered around what appeared to be any pile associated with toy cameras, possibly keychains. However no, these were real cameras -- and also impossibly cute ones from that. and you'll have got to offer your personal micro SD card regarding storage. Stick a couple of in your helmet as well as have the view in advance and also behind, or even put 3 at slightly distinct sides as well as swap in between perspectives. Nevertheless really does the actual C3 possess anything to supply besides cuteness? Not Necessarily image quality, that's pertaining to sure: as competitors tend to be shooting throughout 4K, Polaroid's pocket cam just moves approximately 720p. Its tough to capture exactly how cute these small things are within person, nevertheless if you get a possiblity to maintain one, you'll realise why they drew this kind of crowd. Each cube will be equipped with magnets around the best along with bottom, meaning they'll be stackable. Polaroid's C3 has been enough to make several grown men "aww." Tags:Cameras,CES 2014,polaroidShare on FacebookDiscuss0 Cutest camera ever? Polaroid's C3 can become a micro-sized, colorful cubeDevin ColdeweyNBC NewsFacebookShare about FacebookTwitterLinkedInGooglePlusEmail c3 Devin Coldewey / NBC Information Polaroid's C3 action cam; the two proven here are generally attached to the some other person magnetically. His personal web site is actually coldewey.cc.. Nevertheless there will be certainly one other intriguing feature. The devices ought for you to be obtainable this summer pertaining to $99 each

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