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2013 is almost over, but HP will reportedly launch new smartphones this year

Even although 2013 is nearly over, HP is actually rumored to end up being able to launch multiple low-cost phablets from the finish in the year, The Data reports, in a variety of emerging markets such as India, China and furthermore the Philippines. Specs and also images of the unit are not accessible at this time, but the devices will likely run Google's Android mobile operating system, due for the fact HP currently provides Android devices within stores.
HP low-cost Android phablets rumored for you to launch inside emerging markets | BGR

The organization features released a variety of 7- and 8-inch Android-based tablets earlier this coming year . while not necessarily official, the actual devices have been proved to become 6- and 7-inch smartphones that may expense among $200 and also $250 with out a contract in these countries, as HP attempts in order to turn out to be relevant inside the mobile market

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